Time to Take your Barrel Racing to the Next Level?

Shelby Olyschlager

The Student & The Teacher

What Riders

Have to say

"While we did do exercises, the focus was on how we went about the exercise and not what we were doing during the exercise. I feel like I got a lot out of just a single day of riding because of this focus."

"Thank you for your podcast today. "You can't fail at being you" is such a great reminder and I loved it so much."

What You’ll Get In This Course of All

My Riding & Barrel Racing Secrets

Learning the insanely simple methods to ride your barrel horse for fast and effective runs. Identify your rider influence to uncover what you are really telling your horse. Understand the principles to training horses to let them work at the best of their abilities. Hit the "spots" on the pattern to create consistency and confidence in you and your horse. Barrel racing just got a little bit easier and a lot more fun!

This is For ALL Levels

Training horses is not just for pros. We "train" our horse every time we interact with them. Knowledge = Confidence Become your own greatest asset!

The Clarity your Horse Wants you to Have

When you hit a road block, where do you turn? Be your own best coach, experiment with methods that are proven and find your own feel that you can rely on. Especially when it matters most.

Feel Empowered

One more time, Knowledge = Confidence. Show up prepared with a new awareness to yourself and your horse. Become the ultimate working team and feel more connected with your cues.

About Shelby

As a self educated rider, I've always had an open mind with new ways to accomplish the same old goal. Now, after much trial and error I have discovered a way to accomplish the goal so it is fun and effective for both me and my horses. I am a Student of Horses and I am a Teacher as well. I am here to teach you the methods I found give me the results I was looking for; which is to make consistent and happy horses who love to barrel race as much as I do!


Shelby is about levelling up myself as a jockey and creating a way to ride very effectively using soft cues. I had to get out of my comfort zone and try the idea that “less is more” and really learn to trust my horse and his training.


The main focus was on me as a rider, and optimizing myself to help my horse perform at its best, which is so valuable on every horse I swing a leg over.

community member

I’m so freaking happy that I joined Shelby’s course and the book club that followed!

As somebody who has always struggled to get motivated, joining the We Can Hustle community was the best decision I’ve made all year.


I’ve never felt better physically or mentally. The confidence that I’ve built over the last few months makes me feel like a rockstar!

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve your

Barrel Racing Game Once and For All!